About us


Dayfresh is a proud independent food company that has been creating amazing fresh food in Chiswick since 2012. We love what we do. Since the beginning we have made sure that we take time to listen to our customers.

We build lasting and trusting relationships and our customers have been loyal to us as a result. This has been key to our success. We take great pride in our food because it is ‘our food’.

We make our soups from scratch using recipes we create. We bake our own breads. We select our produce and our meat. We don’t offer food we don’t love ourselves.

We believe in making good honest food with lots of flavour. Eat, drink and Enjoy!


Our ethos is refreshingly simple. We use the freshest and finest ingredients to produce good honest food at a fair price. We’ve been with some of our suppliers for many years, and proudly support those who provide us with ingredients produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We take the same care of our people – our most important ingredient. Training is ongoing with everyone at Dayfresh undertaking Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene training. Coffee School training is also completed by everyone who wants to learn about and serve our Fairtrade coffee.

Honesty, integrity and value-for-money are key to our service delivery. It is this approach that has seen Dayfresh expand and form working partnerships with local businesses for catering. Our customers trust and rely on us to deliver. And we do.


Fresh & Delicious

We are champions of quality fresh food. Our food is always prepared fresh, never from frozen. We are dedicated to using high-quality ingredients and serving the freshest food.

Locally Sourced

We believe in providing quality, locally sourced food to help sustain & support our local community while serving deliciously fresh food and coffee to our valued customers.


Whether you dine-in or pick up a coffee drink on the go, you’ll encounter a relaxing environment, comfortable atmosphere and our great team of friendly staff.