Our Coffee


Our coffee machines may be engineering wonders but it’s our baristas that work the magic behind our coffee – milk steaming, grinding, taste, colour and aroma. All our team at Dayfresh are trained baristas and love coffee as much as you.
Whether yours is a flat white, cappuccino or espresso, we’ve got it covered.
Ask the barista to make it your way.


We love giving our customers the freshest, tastiest coffee known to bean kind. Like bread, coffee is always better fresh… and fresh coffee starts with the best possible green beans.

Our coffee beans are only sourced from new season harvests, ensuring that our coffee really is as fresh as possible.


We’re committed to buying and serving the highest-quality, responsibly grown coffee.

At Dayfresh, we only use Fairtrade coffee, as it’s the only independent guarantee that coffee farmers have been paid a price that is higher than the cost of production. It also guarantees an additional social premium for the growers.

Happy farmers, Happy planet, Happy customers.


Whether you love your coffee white or frothy , cool and creamy or strong and dark, our coffee contains only the freshest and best British milk. Our dairy farmer has been producing milk for generations, since 1801.

With the demand for dairy-free alternatives on the rise, we have several choices of milk available in-store. Our oat milk foams like a dream. It’s perfect for vegans and anyone avoiding dairy products.

Our soya milk is nutritious and rich in high-quality soya protein, easy to digest and naturally lactose free. We also offer roasted almond milk for your coffee or latte so whatever your taste, we’ve got it covered


Make us your regular and get rewarded!

Regular customers are the lifeblood of any good business and we like to reward our most loyal customers and look after them. The Dayfresh reward card is our way of showing appreciation for your custom.

Pick up a reward card in-store and enjoy your eighth fairtrade coffee or soup of the day on us.