We do it right


We Do It Right is a business philosophy that extends beyond our core business and embraces the initiatives we undertake on behalf of our staff, the community and the environment.

We believe in helping those less fortunate than ourselves and so since 2014 we have been supporting the UK’s largest children’s charity - Barnardos. Through partnering with Barnardo’s via corporate donations, employee fundraising and our in-store collection boxes, we have been helping support some of the UK’s most vulnerable children.

We aim to be as green as we can every day and one way we do this is through the packaging we use. At Dayfresh we serve our food in eco-friendly packaging which is completely compostable. The recycling moto is echoed in our shop with the carrier bags we use. They too are made from paper, not plastic, and will fully degrade. These bags cost a bit more but we see it as an essential investment in our planets future.

In 2015 we took the decision to do our part to support a greener London and switched to a zero emission goods vehicle. We’re proud that our 100% electric delivery van is doing a good job for the environment and whenever possible, we do our bit by delivering on foot too.Our kitchens at Dayfresh arealso part of a scheme which ensures all of our used vegetable cooking oil is collected and turned into bio fuel.

Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a place to call home, a roof over their head or even a hot meal each day so we help by sending unsold food to homeless shelters and churches.No one likes the idea of wasting food so the food we donate feeds people and helps make a difference.

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